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Aqua+ BaseCoat

The CARDIP Aqua+ BaseCoat is the foundation of the CARDIP-developed and patented Multi-Layer Process™ for liquid automotive foiling and the core of the CARDIP Peelable Paint System.

The innovative Easy-Peel-Polymer™, by applying the spraying method, forms a colorless and permanently elastic film coating, which can, if required, be easily removed without leaving any residues. The product is compatible with all common water-based automotive paints and can thus be overpainted as required in any desired color and effect.

The special feature of this state of the art peelable paint is its focus on efficiency and performance. Special wetting agents ensure easy wetting of all substrates (paint, plastic, metal, chrome, etc.), which means that the BaseCoat can be applied to almost any substrate. The low-VOC, high-solids formulation ensures extremely high coating layer-thicknesses with few spray passes and very easy removability even after years. The leveling agents integrated into the product ensure a smooth surface texture, as is known from modern automotive coatings.

The CARDIP® Aqua+ BaseCoat 5080 is developed and produced in Germany.

  • Variant 5080 - Clear
    5070 - Drop-In Tint Black
    5060 - Drop-In Tint White
  • Container sizes 2,50 L
    0,25 L
    0,25 L
We recommend the combination with CARDIP Series 90 ClearCoats.

Base Tints


Designed to the smallest detail

The development of the innovative easy-peel polymer of the CARDIP Aqua+ BaseCoat is based on our know-how from 10 years of peelable paint and over 3,000 coated vehicles in 12 countries.

Marker Technology

An integrated marker assists the user in applying the transparent peelable paint. The light blue Visibility+ Marker escapes during the drying phase, thus ensuring that all areas are evenly wetted and drying times are adhered to. Quality through process reliability.

Compatible with water-based paints

CARDIP Aqua+ BaseCoat 5080 can be overcoated with water-based automotive paints and thus makes it possible to create any conceivable color effect in the form of a film that can be removed without residue. In principle, any water-based paint can be used. The following systems of the leading paint manufacturers are particularly suitable:

Hi-TEC 480

Fields of application

The CARDIP Aqua+ BaseCoat is the foundation of the CARDIP-developed and patented Multi-Layer Process™ for liquid automotive foiling and the core of the CARDIP Peelable Paint System.

CARDIP has been developed for the temporary coating of surfaces for protective and decoration purposes to be applied to exterior vehicle bodies. The process is considered an innovation in the field of vehicle foiling and offers users and customers the possibility of seamless foiling with the option variety and quality of a paint finish by applying the spraying method.

Complementary products

CARDIP Auqa+ BaseCoat 5080 is a system component of the CARDIP Peelable Paint System and not a stand-alone product. For a proper functioning the use of additional products is necessary. These include:

Frequently asked questions FAQ - Peelable Paint BaseCoat

1. What does the Aqua+ BaseCoat 5080 of the CARDIP Peelable Paint consist of?

The core of the CARDIP Peelable Paint System, Aqua+ BaseCoat 5080, consists of a mixture of special polymers dispersed in water. The CARDIP Peelable Paint is therefore chemically considered a plastic dissolved in water, which forms a film with the final properties by adding various additives. Since Aqua+ BaseCoat 5080 is water-based and low-VOC, it is also environmentally friendly.

2. Which spray gun / nozzle size should be used for Aqua+ BaseCoat 5080?

CARDIP Aqua+ BaseCoat 5080 can be applied with a commercially available basecoat gun such as a SATA 5500B RP / HVLP. The optimum nozzle size is 1.2 - 1.3mm.

3. Can a design also be applied to Aqua+ BaseCoat 5080?

The Aqua+ BaseCoat 5080 of the CARDIP Peelable Paint is colorless / transparent and can be optionally overpainted with commercially available water-based paint. Since the surface of the Aqua+ BaseCoat 5080 becomes hard after drying, a design can also be masked off and painted on as with a classic paint job.

4. Can CARDIP Peelable Paint also be painted with nitrogen?

Due to the preheating in the compressed air line of nitrogen systems such as Karmatec, complications can arise during the application of the peelable paint. We therefore recommend the use of conventional compressed air.

5. On which substrate can Aqua+ BaseCoat 5080 be applied?

CARDIP Aqua+ BaseCoat 5080 can be applied to almost any solid and non-absorbent substrate. This includes high-quality plastics (ABS, PE, PP, etc.), glass, and all metals. Since Aqua+ BaseCoat 5080 is water-based, it does not attack even unpainted surfaces. By the use of special wetting agents, Aqua+ BaseCoat 5080 can even be used to coat textured surfaces, such as e.g. textured plastic.