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Workshops and Trainings.

For our customers and partners we offer regular training courses, continuing education and technical trainings in different models.

Technical Training (German)

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Friday, 08.07.22 - Sunday, 10.07.2022
Technical Training (German)

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Friday, 26.08.22 - Sunday, 28.08.2022
Technical Training (German)

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Friday, 23.09.22 - Sunday, 25.09.2022

Training Models.

For the different needs and requirements of our customers, we offer knowledge transfer through education and training in three variants.
Digital Training via video series, Technical Training Central for individual participants, as well as a Technical Training Inhouse for entire companies.

Simply choose the training model that's right for you.

Digital Training

The digital training consists of a video series in which you are guided step by step through the entire project sequence of working on a vehicle.

Target group
Technical Training Central

In multi-day training, you will work on an entire project from start to finish in a small group under the supervision and guidance of our application technicians.

Training location

Technical training takes place regularly at different locations of our official service partners.


The technical training usually lasts 3 days and mostly takes place Friday-Sunday.

Target group

Vehicle painters, foremen and company owners.


After successful participation you will receive an official CARDIP certification as "Trained CARDIP Technician (TCT)".

Technical Training Inhouse

In the private training at your company lasting several days, up to 4 employees carry out an entire project with our application technicians.

Training location

The Technical Training Inhouse takes place on-site at your own premises.


The technical training usually lasts 3 days and can be freely booked by you on any period of the week.

Target group

Employees of companies that want to permanently include CARDIP in their service portfolio and actively operate it. These include vehicle painters, foremen, reworkers and company owners.


After successful participation, all participants receive an official CARDIP certification as "Trained CARDIP Technician (TCT)".

Knowledge Transfer.

At our locations worldwide, more than 3,000 vehicles have already been coated with CARDIP Peelable Paint. We know the demands for efficient processes in the operations of our customers and partners, as well as the entire life cycle of the peelable paint on the vehicle under a wide range of conditions.

To ensure that you benefit to the maximum from our training courses, we place particular emphasis on intense knowledge transfer and practical relevance. That is why we work on a complete vehicle together with the participants in every training course. In this way, we convey all content directly through practice, from the proper preparation, to the correct application, to valuable tricks and experiences.

Become an official CARDIP Service Partner.

After the training is before the take-off. As a Body and paint store, you have the opportunity to participate in the CARDIP Partner Program and become an official CARDIP Service Partner. Within the service network, we handle projects together with our partners and support you with extensive equipment and intensive support.

Frequently asked questions Trainings

1. What does the Technical Training include?

The courses in the area of technical training include the following contents:
• Introduction Product System CARDIP Aqua+ Series 80
• Processing and application in the CARDIP Multi-Layer Process
• Color coating of vehicle bodies and add-on parts
• Transparent paint protection coating
• Finish in satin-matte and high-gloss
• Quality inspection

2. How does a technical training run?

The technical training is divided into three days and begins on the first day with an introduction to the product system. This is followed by a block of theory about spray film coating through all process steps. Following the theory, the group starts working on the preparation of the training vehicle (disassembly & masking) under the guidance and supervision of our application technicians. On the second day of training, the participants are introduced to the coating method in all its variants and coat the training vehicle together. On the third day the surface is finished, and the vehicle is assembled and reworked until it is ready for delivery. Finally, there is a debriefing and a certificate awarding takes place.

3. Can anyone take part in a training course?

Since CARDIP Peelable Paint is is applied by using the painting method, a solid knowledge of doing paint jobs is assumed. Therefore, the training is designed exclusively for vehicle painters.

4. How large are the groups at the Central Technical Training?

Depending on the date, the group size of the participants is from 3 to 5 people.

5. What are the costs for the trainings?

Send us an inquiry via the contact form to get detailed information about training and costs, as well as other important details. Technical training is included in the CARDIP Partner Program.