Become a Retailer

Specialty Trade

For a quick entry into markets of other countries, CARDIP cooperates with the local specialized and wholesale trade. CARDIP intends to pass on the know-how developed and the experience gained in the creation and marketing of spray foiling, especially in the field of automobiles, to its distributors, in order to be able to present a uniform and marketable image to consumers and companies and to establish a distribution chain for CARDIP in the target market.

Contact us to see if trade cooperation is possible for your company and your market.

International Distribution


Our international general distributors adopt our sales and partner model on a national level, in order to create an international brand standard. The General Distributor receives from CARDIP the exclusive right for all distribution activities in relation to CARDIP products and services within the contract territory and thus becomes the official country representative. The areas of responsibility include the development of a trade network in the domestic market, distribution of the contract products and the handling of project orders within the internal structure or by official service partners. The General Distributor is trained and increasingly supported by CARDIP in the areas of technology, marketing and sales.