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Technological advantages

Learn more about the properties of CARDIP peelable paint for your car. Details on handling and care, as well as the advantages compared to classic car-wrapping can be found in the technology section of our website. A variety of application possibilities and design options await you.

Technical information

In the product section of our website you will find extensive information and documentation on the processing and properties of the individual products of the CARDIP peelable paint system. Here you will find a product overview, details in the current delivery program, as well as the data sheets for download.

CARDIP® PPS - Peelable Paint System

CARDIP® PPS - The innovative Peelable-Paint-System of liquid film and state-of-the-art 2K special clearcoats is developed for the high-quality coating of surfaces, especially vehicle bodies, with seamless film. Using the patented multi-layer process, the CARDIP peelable paint spray film system builds up a high-quality film coating that lasts for years and can be transparent or colored, as well as matt or high-gloss. The coating with a thickness of 200mμ or more reliably protects the original paint from stone chips*, scratches and weathering and can be removed, if necessary, even after years, guaranteed residue-free!

*Stone impact resistance tested according to DIN EN ISO 20567-1 Multi-impact test for automotive coatings. The stone impact test is a globally recognized, standardized test method for testing the stone impact resistance of automotive coatings.

The environmentally friendly, water-based CARDIP peelable paint can be formed by its compatibility with almost all water-based paints, in all colors and effects such as metallic & pearl effect. By using high performance additives from modern paint development, it is possible to achieve a paint quality in the form of a temporary, decorative and at the same time protective coating.

In combination with the surface, which is available in satin or high-gloss, there are countless combination possibilities for individualization and car-wrapping. Applicable to complete vehicles bodys, wheel rims or individual components such as chrome trim, CARDIP peelable paint gives every vehicle an individual touch and reliably protects the car's paintwork from stone chips, scratches and weathering.

For more information on the innovative CARDIP® peelable paint system and the patented multi-layer process, please visit our Websites.