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Matte 2K
HS ClearCoat 8091

The CARDIP Matte 2K HS ClearCoat 8091 is a permanently elastic, matte 2-component HS clearcoat for the CARDIP® peelable paint system. It is processed in the same way as a conventional matte clearcoat and is extremely hard and scratch-resistant when cured. The product achieves a smooth and uniform matting as known from OEM/factory coatings, while at the same time providing the highest color and effect depth.

The distinctive feature of this special clearcoat is the high leveling quality and mechanical resilience. The film coatings sealed with the 2K peelable paint clearcoat can, despite the matte finish, be permanently cleaned in the automatic car wash. The clearcoat is crosslinked 2:1 with the Hardener 8071.

  • Product features Matte (15-25E/60°)
    Suitable for car wash
    Permanently elastic
  • Container sizes 1.0L

A matte clearcoat
for convinient daily use

The CARDIP 2K HS Matte 8091 peelable paint clearcoat has an enormous resistance against mechanical permanent stress. The peelable paint coated with the matte peelable paint clearcoat. can be permanently cleaned in the automatic car wash, without changing the gloss level or causing a "shiny" effect on edges.

The integrated high-performance additives give the peelable paint clearcoat a finish very close to the factory-like that is as durable as it is easy to maintain.

A special development

The CARDIP 2K HS Matte 8091 peelable paint clearcoat offers an optimum balance of efficiency, performance and ease of use. The matte peelable paint clearcoat is designed for permanent elasticity with maximum surface hardness, and is therefore particularly suitable for overcoating elastic peelable paint.

Mechanical + Chemical resistance

In combination with the CARDIP 2K HS Hardener 8071, the 2K HS Matte ClearCoat 8091 achieves very strong crosslinking, making the surface of the peelable paint resistant to weathering, UV radiation and mechanical effects such as scratches.


The CARDIP Matte 2K HS ClearCoat 8091 achieves a gloss level of 15-25E / 60° according to DIN EN ISO 4816 and thus achieves a matte surface finish that cannot be distinguished from a modern, matte factory coating. It can be mixed with the CARDIP UltraGloss 2K HS ClearCoat 8080 to achieve other levels of gloss also.


CARDIP Matte 2K HS ClearCoat 8091 has a very high solids content and therefore falls below the EU limits for volatile substances. This makes the clearcoat highly efficient and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Complementary products

The CARDIP 2K HS Matte 8091 peelable paint clearcoat is a system component of the CARDIP Peelable Paint System and not a stand-alone product. For a proper functioning the use of additional products is necessary. These include:

Frequently asked questions FAQ - Peelable paint clearcoat satin-matte

1. Can a conventional matte clearcoat also be used to overcoat the peelable paint?

The CARDIP Peelable Paint System consists of individual, precisely coordinated system components. We strongly advise against using conventional clearcoats on peelable paints. A standard automotive clearcoat becomes very hard. Due to the high difference in hardness between the elastic peelable paint on the substrate and the hard clearcoat on the surface this may lead to stress cracks, chipping and adhesion problems. In addition, the peelability is greatly deteriorated.

2. Which thinner should be used for CARDIP 2K HS SatinMatte ClearCoat 8090?

Basically, any conventional 2K clearcoat thinner can be used for the CARDIP 2K HS SatinMatte 8090 peelable paint clearcoat. In any case, a long thinning should be used. We recommend the use of Nexa Autocolor P850-1694 Thinner Slow with CARDIP 2K HS clearcoats.

3. Which spray gun / nozzle size should be used for the SatinMatte 8090?

CARDIP 2K HS ClearCoat SatinMatte 8090 can be applied with a standard clearcoat gun, e.g. a SATA 5500B RP. The optimum nozzle size is 1.2 - 1.3 mm.

4. Is the SatinMatte ClearCoat 8090 peelable paint clearcoat peelable on its own?

The SatinMatte 8090 peelable paint clearcoat is an important part of the overall build-up and contributes to the peelability and resistance of the peelable paint. It is not peelable on its own, but only in combination with the Aqua+ BaseCoat 5080, applied using the multi-layer process.

5. Can the SatinMatte 8090 peelable paint clearcoat be sanded and reapplied?

A classic "intermediate sanding" as with standard clearcoats is also possible with the CARDIP 2K HS SatinMatte ClearCoat 8090.