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It’s time to choose the Champion.

Are you a kind of person who claims the best? Do you think that international calls shouldn’t be expensive? Would you like to call overseas and save?

If you have answered “Yes” to these questions, you’re welcome to this website where you can purchase Campion Prepaid Phone Card – an absolute leader in providing cheap rates for overseas calls.

You can refill your card whenever you want online. Champion Calling Card is absolutely refillable and all customers can enjoy Permanent PIN option that enables PIN free dialing from previously registered phone numbers. You are allowed to register as much as 10 various phone numbers and enjoy convenient calls while others dial hard-to-remember PINs.

While other calling cards bear hidden fees, Champion Phone Card offers absolutely clear system of charges. Our clients don’t pay connection and maintenance fees! While other prepaid calling cards offer 3-4 minutes rounding, Champion calling card is proud to provide just 1 minute rounding. Certainly, you can use advantage of Toll Free Access Numbers and Local Access Numbers (USA only). If you make a call from Pay Phones, system will charge just additional $0.99! Service Taxes & Surcharges number just 15%.

Champion Phone Card is a real treasure for those who make rare overseas calls. Sometimes you can spend the biggest part of your calling card balance on maintenance fees – a specified sum will be deducted from your account on weekly or biweekly basis even if you don’t use it. Champion Prepaid Phone Card doesn’t bear any maintenance fees and has unlimited validity period. All you need to do is to charge your card at least once in ten months and get best service at minimal rates.

This Card can be used from Canada, USA - Continental, USA - Mobile
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